The creative engines are primed and your team is ready with their ideas to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and increase profitability through new products and services. Now what?

Frequently, corporations unwittingly sabotage their best creative efforts through a sub-optimal selection process. Bias is the insidious cause and it’s particularly endemic during the idea selection process. Ideas tend to be selected based on the relative popularity and/or rank of the person suggesting the idea rather than on the merits of the idea itself.

Moe’s available coaching and consulting will help build and maintain a viable system not only for keeping the engines primed and the idea fuel burning but also as a non-biased facilitator in the idea selection process. Borrowing from Lean Six Sigma and other best process management experience, Moe’s input is critical to building an objective system for the subjective inputs.

Additionally, Moe can help systemize the idea generation process throughout the enterprise allowing for a more robust and diverse idea discovery collection and acknowledgment.

Moe is your creative expert and specialist and is ready to help fully propel forward your team’s and your entire enterprise’s full innovative potential.

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