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'+Change: Genesis of Innovation melds together the two most critical elements to organizational viability: change and creativity.' More than simply a how-to book or a technical tome, +Change provides the working knowledge, strategies and tactics necessary to not only be more creative and more innovative within the corporate arena, but also applicable to our personal lives. Supporting +Change, are numerous interviews with current and past CEOs, Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs.

+Change also introduces the ICI Formula (Ideas + Change = Innovation). This critical formula for sustainable innovation within an organization allows for systemized ideation, unbiased idea selection, better change management methods and finally, sustainable innovation. The ICI Formula also provided the basis for +Change’s section organization, with each section further divided into easily understood chapters. +Change provides the road map and wherewithal to successfully implement innovative change leadership both within our organizations and also our personal change initiatives.

Readers of +Change will not only walk away with practical knowhow, they will also leave with a more inspired view of how we originate and move ideas forward, a more positive view of change and how to fully harness its powers to succeed and finally, a realistic view of sustainable, continuous innovation and how we can find it and advantageously use it in even the most mundane routines.

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Selfish Altruism

'SELFISH ALTRUISM: Managing & Executing Successful Change Initiatives', explores the concept of Personal Return of Investment (PROI), its facets and its uses. This book is about understanding how personal motivators impact business change initiatives and the best way to harness them for a successful and enduring change.

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