In his highly engaging and interactive customized presentation and speeches, Moe leads his audiences on a journey through better communications, more effective change and sustaining innovation. The result: A memorable and entertaining event that inspires people and organizations to be more successful by thinking and acting differently.

Each presentation is customized to the audience and is highly interactive, engaging and informative. For Moe’s audiences, the sky is not the limit – it’s only just the beginning.

Moe brings his experiences as a professional general aviation pilot to provide direct associations between flying and business management. These associations are critical to better leadership and to being the Pilot in Command.

Moe is available as a:

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Breakout Speaker
  • Workshop Speaker
  • Seminar Speaker

It all starts with the brick as the perfect example of finding creativity in even the most mundane things and then applying them in both the corporate arena and our personal lives.


REASON #1: Passionate Communicator & Motivator who fully engages his audiences

Moe brings to life crucial concepts through his passion and speaking style.

“Moe is an amazing professional. I have had the luxury of having Moe as a client as well as being a client of his. When our company took a huge step forward in growth, I brought Moe in to speak to the staff about Changistics and leadership. His new Leadership Takeoff program is one of the best I have seen in 20 years in business. If you are looking for someone to motivate and inspire your staff or group, I highly recommend Moe Glenner.”
– TJ Jorgensen, Founder, TJ21 Media Group

REASON #2: Acclaimed expert and author on change, innovation, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial.

Moe has written two books on these subjects and has over 75 articles published in prominent publications such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Inc., Leadership Excellence, C-Level Magazine and IT Magazine. Moe is also a well-received frequent LinkedIn Pulse contributor.

“In my time working with Moe, he has exemplified great leadership. His approach to be current with today’s technology and education our personnel is like no other. Moe is dedicated to change and improvement to ensure future success.”
– KW, Steel Warehouse Company

REASON #3: Leaves his audiences with clear and do-able action items

Moe uses his practical approach in addressing difficult issues through practical and logical action steps. Everyone can do these steps for improved results.

“Moe is a detailed oriented professional who maintains his focus on reality. He is able to apply his knowledge on a practical level with real-world solutions. He is not a “just the facts ma’am” person. Moe recognizes the balance between theoretical and real and is able to inspire audiences to get things accomplished quickly and efficiently as a result.”
– SG – Ambit Energy

REASON #4: Accomplished transformational leader

Moe doesn't work from academic theory but rather from leading actual successful experience with both large international billion dollar companies and small-mid size organizations.

“Moe is a dependable detail oriented leader that has the unique quality of being a team player while being a strong leader that drives results. I highly recommend Moe as a valuable asset to any organization.”
– DW, Newark LLC

REASON #5: Style is the optimal mix of insight, humor and action

Moe's speaking style and demeanor is approachable and witty. Audiences are fully engaged and attentive (there is always humor sprinkled in with every discussion - Moe's philosophy is that he doesn't give speeches - rather he leads discussions, albeit with him doing most of the discussing).

“Moe’s Innovation workshop had a casual nature to it. I enjoyed learning why we insist on thinking inside the box and cannot wait to see how changing that behavior will positively affect us.”
– AC, Steel Warehouse Companytime

As a presenter Moe is:

  • Energetic
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Motivational
  • Inspiring
  • Fascinating
  • Illuminating
  • Enlightening
  • Fantastic

As a presenter Moe brings the professionalism you expect with the impact your deserve as the host of the event.


Each presentation is customized to the audience and is highly interactive, engaging and informative.

CHA(rt)ing Better Communications

CHA(rt)ing Better Communications

Communications that Gets Results! Includes:

  • CHARTing better communications
  • How do You Communicate?
  • Are Symbols Important?
  • CHA(rt) to Success!

This presentation raises awareness of the impact of our words and other communication to maximize its full potential.

Building & Maintaining Trust

Building & Maintaining Trust

How to Get Trust, Improve Trust & Not Lose Trust:

  • Patterns Are No Joke
  • A Day at the Improv
  • How do You Know What You Know?

This presentation encourages participants to think differently about trust and its critical value to success.

Motivational and Inspirational Includes:

Motivational and Inspirational Includes

Motivational & Inspirational (from Aviation) Includes:

  • Turbulence not Failure
  • The Sky is not the Limit
  • Resign to Never Resign

This presentation takes my experiences as a pilot and translates them into actionable leadership items.



The Logistics of More Robust Change Includes:

  • DECIDE for better Change
  • 5-Whys are not just for Toddlers
  • PROI & Selfish Altruism

This presentation allows participants to realize the logistics of better change, barriers and solutions to more effective change.

Innovate This!

Innovate This!

Creating & Sustaining an Innovation Culture Includes:

  • Ideation + Change = Innovation (ICI)
  • Genesis of Innovation
  • Blow Up the Box!

This presentation encourages participants to view innovation in a new light as well as providing practical steps to successfully implement.





Each presentation is customized to the audience and is highly interactive, engaging and informative.

What's with the Brick?

Moe’s keynotes, breakouts, meeting openers and workshops all provide practical leadership take-aways. Whether it is to pump up the sales staff, inspire and motivate the customer service team, get the most of the future leaders of the company or to help identify and nurture a culture of innovation, all require solid leadership skills and Moe delivers!

Moe uses the brick as a practical example of what to do. Everytime the audience is a bit confused, mezmorized and ultimately delighted by what the brick stands for and how it can be applied in their situation.

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