In my time working with Moe, he has exemplified great leadership to everyone on the team with him. His approach to be current with today's technology and educating our personnel is like no other. Moe is dedicated to change and improvement to ensure future success.

KW – Steel Warehouse Company, LLC

Moe is a dependable detail oriented leader that has the unique quality of being a team player while being a strong leader that drives results. I highly recommend Moe as a valuable asset to any organization.

DW – Newark, LLC

Moe is a detail oriented professional who maintains his focus on reality. He delves into his business and quickly becomes and expert, while keeping his ability to apply his knowledge on a practical level with real-world solutions. He is not a "just the facts ma'am" kind of guy. Moe recognizes the balance between theoretical and real and gets things accomplished quickly and efficiently as a result.

SG – Ambit Energy

Moe provides industry specific expertise and years of valuable experience to all projects with which he is involved.

OD – Accenture

Moe is a complete professional who brings years of expertise, attention to every detail and an intelligence driven knowledge to everything he does. His long experience with logistics and transportation as well as a high innate intelligence makes Moe a superior provider, business partner and vendor to do business with. He is at the top of his industry at all times.

JG – Sidley Austin, LLP

Moe's attention to details is superb. He also is able to stretch outside of stated responsibilities to bring any project to fruition.

RL – Elegant Presentations, Inc

The Creativity for Profitability workshop had a casual nature to it. I enjoyed learning why we think inside the box and cannot wait to see how changing that behavior will affect us.

AC - Steel Warehouse Company, LLC